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Around it was a white www xvideos.com sand beach leading down the slope that contained the lagoon. It was a perfect place hearing the rush of water beside us and feeling the spray collecting on our bodies and clothes. "Remove your clothes please." I said as I loosened the belt on my own. Once I got them loose I xvids draped them over the branch of a nearby tree, knowing they would never fully dry, but would also remain somewhat wearable. Bransen ceremoniously removed his clothes and lay them next to x videos mine on the odd shaped branch. Fully www.xvideos nude, I sat on the sand and motioned Bransen to do the same directly xvideo.com in front of me. Our knees touching we xvidoes sat with our legs crossed. We were both already xvideos brasil hard xvideos hd with anticipation which made concentrating that much more difficult as precum seeped from both of us. xvideos free "Okay... I am porno xvideos going to teach x videos you. Relax your mind," I said as I touched his xvideos.con temple gently with the fingertips of my right hand. "This is going to be a porno xvideos little intense... try to let it roll through you... xvideos com Don't resist." I said and free xvideos paused a moment before flooding his mind with memories. Our backs arched letting trickles of sweat find a new trail to the sand. xvideos.con Finally finishing the transfer I released his mind. "Woah!" he said as xxxvideos the knowledge was absorbed. "Is that what it was like when Kelay xvideo gay merged with you?" xvideos brasil he asked in a whisper. "No.." I took a breath. "When I merged with Kelay, it was about 182000 www.xvideos com years worth of memories." I explained. "What I've given you just now was about 5000 years worth of information." "How... xxvideo how did handle it?" he asked amazed. "Not well from what I gather, but you helped me sort it out." I xvideos indonesia said smiling back at him. "182000 years." Bransen whispered shaking his head. "Anyway"... I interrupted.... "What have you learned?" xvidos I asked. "We'll xvido play a game wwwxvideos.com I played a very very long time ago but we'll make it fun." I grinned. "I will give you a sensation, and then you return it." I said as I activated the nerves in the head of his softening cock. xvideos gays "Ohhh..!" xvideos. com he said his breath changing. "Ummm ... just out of curiosity... how much can xvideos you increase that?" he asked as he squirmed xxxvideos from the video x feeling. "There is no limit." I said remembering my escape from the Sphere Major. Bransen was porn xvideos quiet for a moment as his mind wrapped around it www xvideos com and then xvideos red asked, "That was gay xvideos the method use used to kill him wasn't it?" "Yes." I said flatly xvide not xvideos gay really wanting to think about it. "We'll get to www.xvideos that later... Now concentrate." "Return the feelings I have given you. Think of the nerve cells... think of xvieos www xvideos.com the electrical xvedios impulses that xvideos indo pass xvideoscom between them. Enhance the signals and maintain them like weaving a tapestry." I said to him. His face became very resolute and I could literally see him strain. "What are you doing?" I asked. "You cannot force this. Envision it in your mind, know what your goal is and let xvideos japan it happen. Guide it." I urged. I felt a pulse in my xvideos japanese cock which quickly faded. "Yes... xvideos indonesia that's it!" I told him as he lost his focus. Placing my hands on his shoulders letting my thumbs tickle into his flesh I said "Listen... Close your eyes. Let it xvideo com happen. Envision your goal. Give a little nudge and do xvedio it." Bransen took a deep breath again and relaxed. I felt his mind clear and he released control. The sensation hit me almost immediately and my breath caught. "Yes.. that's it... Oh god damn that feels good..." I said grinding into the sand where I sat. "Now... back off a bit.... Lets not xvideos kill it with kindness.... " I urged him. The sensation diminished but didn't stop. My cock had a low burning feel in it that was just enough. He was doing very well. "Now... I want you to increase the feeling to match this." I said in a whisper as I increased the sensations coursing through him ten fold. He video x groaned with his concentration wavering xvideos tamil slightly. "Let it happen, but be gentle" xvideos japan I whispered as I felt his mind shift. "MMMMmmmm yes.." I xvideos teen groaned. "Just like that." It was like being touched in every perfect place xvideos hentai all at once. "Now match this." I said xvideos red starting to pant and sent additional sensations to his ass and balls. "uh xvedio uh uh" he grunted seeing him xvideos download shift with his eyes squeezed shut as more sweat beaded up on his body. We were both speeding to our climax. 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We lay there for several minutes just enjoying the silence and xvidio the touch of each other as I ran my fingertips along his abdomen occasionally bumping his cock noticing it coming back to life. xxx videos "Oh you are a horny devil aren't you" I said grinning wickedly as I began to massage his balls with my tongue. In a matter of perhaps five seconds I raced xvideos hd the sensations through his cock at lightning speed causing him to yell out and shoot a somewhat smaller load across his chest. "No more! No more!" he begged as I crawled my way up the side of his xvidos.com body to give him a kiss. We wrapped our gritty hands around each other gently letting our tongues dance with each other for a while before parting to get some badly needed air into our lungs. "Let's get some of this sand off of us." I tugged his hand as I stood up. I pulled us to the lagoon and we walked down the slope of sand hand in xvideos.con hand stopping as the water covered our feet. It felt cool to the touch, but not uncomfortably so. It was the perfect temperature to refresh, but would www.xvideos com also make you catch your breath if you entered too quickly. tamil xvideos We waded further into the water clutching to each other as xvideos download we made our way carefully to the side desi xvideos wall of the man made lagoon. At the edge we found a very convenient hd xvideos ledge to sit that kept us emerged to our shoulders but comfortably high xvideos download enough to lean back against its rough surface without having to worry about a surprise splash to the face. I was sure this www.xvideo was by design and not just coincidence. We leaned back our heads completely relaxed and resting in the sand, our arms wrapped around each others waste. The water's current caused our legs to brush against each other like two winding dandelion seeds floating in the breeze. Leaning my head to the left against his should I used right hand to pull his head toward me for a few soft and gentle kisses. "Are you ready for the next lesson?" I asked him staring into x videos.com his beautiful blue eyes. I could gaze into those eyes all day. Even his blink seemed to be a gentle wave "Hello" from his xvideoss soul with his long think eyelashes. "I don't know if I can take another lesson like the last one." He answered giggling. "Good" I said smiling to him "because this one isn't quite the same." I reluctantly wiggled from our partial embrace and searched the area of sand near us. Finding a x vedios black stone about the size of a xvideos free marble I placed it on the ridge that now separated us as I scooted back from him. "Pick it up." I said. He had instantly moved his hand to pick up the x video.com small stone. I pressed the molecules closer together with my mind maintaining a constant pressure upon it making it equal to something approximately 150 pounds. 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Staring at the pebble I could feel some confusion in Bransen's mind clearing. Concentrating deeply I interrupted "Only upward" I reminded. Moments later the rock shifted in its position kind of tumbling in place, and then rose about five inches from the ground. "I did it!" he practically yelled as the rock dropped with a soft thud back into the wwwxvideos sand. "Yes... you're a fast learner and should be proud of your accomplishments here today... and... if I do say so myself, were quite enjoyable." I said grinning. "I need you to practice this every day as well. You must move and wwwxvideos.com direct these small objects. Once you have this mastered, I want you to practice with larger objects. The size x-videos never matters, but being xvideos mom able to concentrate and indian xvideos see the barrier in your mind is key. There is no limit to this ability other than your xvideos indonesia ability to xvideo com concentrate and see." I said to him quite seriously. "Every rock, every xvideos .com pebble, and blade of www.xvideos com grass can be your weapons if you master this ability." I then moved the pebble with my mind to the front pocket of his black silk pants where they hang on the hd xvideos tree branch. "You keep saying there is no limit. How can there not be some kind of limit to this?" he looked at me perplexed. "Well... I don't know how to explain it other than your limits are by your own xvideos hentai mind. www.xvideos.com If you can conceive it in your mind it is possible. If you xvideos tamil do not believe it is possible, then it will not be." I said as he looked japanese xvideos at me xvideos gays skeptically. "Okay... I will show you." I said www xvideos wading out to the center of the lagoon. Clearing my mind I gathered energy and sent out a small sensing pulse. Every molecule, its position and purpose drew their myriad of function and position in my mind. Opening my eyes I let them blaze with the blue white light and focusing xvideos anal my mind on everything around me with all my senses I let the blue fire erupt across my skin. Lifting myself completely x videos.com from the center of the lagoon I floated a few inches above its surface. "Watch" I said to his mind by xxx videos thought only, as I bound every barrier to stop its movement. A fraction of a moment later everything stopped as though time itself had come to a xvideos gay gay xvideos grinding and abrupt halt xvideos japan like a quick snapshot of a thing moving too fast. The waterfall and each drop of its stray mist, the leaves of the trees and every insect and dust particle froze in place. A complete silence surrounded us. Raising a small boulder about 6 foot across that dotted the exterior of the man made beach I told him "Pick a drop of the mist." He watched me amazed and moved through the air as the suspended gay xvideos droplets clung to his skin as he pointed out a singular specific drop of water. "Okay..." I said... I www.xvideo.com compressed the water to a linear blade only perceivable two dimensionally. I molded it into something so thin that unless you were above or below it you would not see it. Increasing its density I sent it through the boulder tamil xvideos slicing it in half as I let the lower half fall to the xx videos ground with an enormous crash. Then to get the point tamil xvideos across I brought up thousands of water droplets that writhed around me like a living tornado of www xvideos diamonds. "Each of these is a killing thing if done properly." I said to his mind letting them flow around me. "It can just as free xvideos easily be done with grains of sand, xxxvideo blades of grass or even the air around you." I let tornado of water gradually lower back into the surface of the man made lagoon. I released my hold on www.xvideo.com everything and then lowered myself back into the water letting everything stuttered back to life again. Bransen looked at me in horror and it broke my heart. I turned and xvideoss tried to suck back the tears as they fell from my eyes xvideos hentai and I hung my head making my way out of the lagoon back toward the sand and my clothing on the tree. "Yes... I know I'm a monster, a freak even by www.xvideos Thoren standards." I choked out xvideo as I pulled my white tunic from the tree branch and stretched it over my head carelessly. "Wait!! I'm sorry!" he shouted as he bounded in my direction through the water hugging his wet body to me rocking me back and forth as he placed xvedio light kisses on my neck. "Its www.xvideos.com okay hun... Its OK!" he whispered in my ear xvideos red www.xvideo as he hugged me from behind still rocking side to side. We stayed like that for some time before he released me turning me by the shoulders to face him as I stared at the ground. "One thing I don't understand.." he started. "Is why I don't just use these abilities to kill them xvideos 2 all right?" I interrupted him as a shudder caused my voice to quake. "Could you?" I asked looking up into his eyes? "Could you live with that? Could xvideos porn you kill an entire race of people that were already speeding to their own destruction?" I looked questioningly into his eyes. --- Per suggestions from others, and a bit of work, I have re-written the entire story. Much of it is the same and the changes were cosmetic. I have also added some more depth to beginning characters and added a few other things. The chapters are for the most part longer and I have corrected some continuity problems. I know that I have much to learn as a writer, www xvideos com and would greatly appreciate any constructive criticism regarding this story. Please contact me at gaywriter72yahoo with suggestions and criticisms. Thanks! Date: Tue, 8 Aug xxvideos 2006 15:44:50 -0700 (PDT) From: Gay Writer Subject: Earth Reborn: Chapter 7 - The Dawn telugu xvideos The following is a complete work of fiction. Any resemblance between the characters and any x-videos real life person is completely coincidental. Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission. xvide Disclaimer: The following story contains erotic homosexual situations. If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now. *** This is a completely revised version of the original story... If you are lost or confused please xvedios read it from the xxxvideo beginning in its entirety. xvideos video Chapter 7 Bittersweet I stared into Bransen's pale blue eyes waiting for an answer. He seemed lost in thought trying to grasp the enormity xvideos video of the question I had asked him. "I suppose not." He let out a deep breath finally answering. I wasn't very convinced. "Why?" I asked him point blank. He paused again in thought before speaking. "Some of them are innocent." He finally replied. xvideos. com "Certainly most are guilty of one thing or another, only a few innocents would be lost. Casualties of war they call it. Why not kill them xvidos.com all and xvidio put them out of their misery?" I asked coldly. My line of questioning seemed to confuse him. He was fighting with what was right and what was easy. Surely it would be xvideo easy to just yell 'collateral damage' and have done with it, I was hoping he was finding it more difficult xvide to become a cold blooded xvidios killer. "It's videos x just wrong." He said sounding agitated. "Why? After all that they have put us through xvideos .com wouldn't we be justified?" I asked again. "Because if we kill even one innocent person, then www xvideos com x.videos we are as bad as they are! Kelay was an innocent, he did everything he could to help and protect us and you. He gave his life! How can you ask me this?" He yelled at me. "Now you have xvideo gay the answer to your question." I said with a sigh. "Now you understand. The xvidoes Thorens are as much my family as you japanese xvideos feel to me xvideos jp now. They are far from perfect, but I do not wish their death. I xvideos mom will tell you this though. Had xvideos 2 I to make the choice... I would pick www.xvideos.com you." I saw the xvideo gay realization hit him as the answer to his morbid question, "Why don't you just kill them all?" entered his mind. "I'm sorry." He said wrapping his large arms around me in an embrace. "I xxvideo xvieos didn't realize what I was asking." "Don't apologize. Had you answered differently, you would have broken my heart in two and I wouldn't have survived it. Thank you for being the person I know you to be." I replied pressing xvideos indo my lips to his in a gentle kiss. "You have ability to fight the Thorens hand to hand now. Soon you will be able to protect yourself from their mental efforts. You will be able to block their intrusion into your mind. You know this from the memories I have given you. We need to disperse this information amongst the team. Give them the memories of this day as well. However embarrassing, it is a learning thing and they will benefit from it. You must share the memories with them as I did you. They must then pick 10 people to train, who will train another 10 until the information is passed to every man in x video.com this facility. The process should take approximately two days to complete." I said to him laying xvideos porno my head on his chest. "They will also know... that I am not one to be FUCKED xvideos free with." I said with almost a sad chuckle. "What's wrong?" he asked me xxvideo hearing the sadness in my voice. "When the xvidios training is complete, we are going to have to get to work and people are going to die." I said trying to avoid the xvieos thoughts of coming battles. Bransen dressed and we exchanged a few affectionate kisses. "It's nearly time for training. We should probably get moving." I reminded Bransen. Making our way out of the humid jungle of hydroponics bay four we entered the lift and Bransen pressed the '10' button pulling www xvideos us to the Rec area and a path we would no longer be able to avoid. The lift doors opened and we entered the recreation and training area. It was only our team members that sat on the mats that dotted the exercise and training area. I gave Bransen a slight squeeze around the xvideos porn waist as we parted xx videos walking past the games tables and kitchen area and into the training area. As I had asked, Doc had made sure that Dusty and Chris were indian xvideos there as well. They were sitting in xvids a mismatched xxvideos pile as Doc stood over them worrying like he usually does. As we reached the mats xvideos hd all eyes were on us and Bransen spoke. "Khore and I have spoken and would like mom xvideos to invite you to this team. Dusty, you would be a valuable addition, and porn xvideos from what Khore xxxvideos has xvideos brasil told me you are adept in your understanding of this xvideos com alien technology. Chris you are skilled in medicine, and you xvideos gays too would be extremely valuable in the field." Bransen said speaking to them. Dusty thought a only a moment before saying, "I would be honored and I'll do my best, but don't be telugu xvideos expecting me to work miracles with this old bitch. She's moody and I've got a lot of work to do." Chuckling I replied, "If you thought you x videos.com were busy before, then you're in for a lot of surprises." Knowing he was up for more than x.videos the daily video x challenge of keeping this place running. "It's settled xvideos porn then," piped Bransen. "You'll be partnered with Neek." You could see Dusty's face brighten at the thought of being around Neek. Neek looked over xvideos jp www.xvideo to Dusty and nodded slightly. "You will train together. Whether you room together xvideos.com or not will be entirely up to you, but we can only xvideos porno hope for the best." Bransen said with a grin on his face as he saw the embarrassment burn wwwxvideos Dusty's cheeks. "Chris?" Bransen asked looking now in his direction. "Of course!" he blurted out too quickly getting a few chuckles as he tried to hide his eyes having embarrassed himself with his obvious enthusiasm at xvidoes the opportunity to be near the Doc. "Good then." Bransen said with a smile, "You will be partnered with Doc, porno xvideos and according to Khore, I hear it told, that you two don't need much www.xvideo.com more than the infirmary x video to get your workouts." xvideoss We laughed at their obvious embarrassment. "Neek, Dusty, Rift and Twist... come with me. Doc, Chris, Raven, and Sweed, you are with Khore." Bransen ordered as we drifted to separate sections of mats xvideos gay about 20 feet apart finally sitting in circles facing each other. "Everyone join hands in your circle." videos x Command Bransen. "This is not a time to play." He stated after a few giggles escaped the groups. "Khore... please explain to them what is about to happen." "Bransen and I are going to be sharing memories with you. Approximately 5000 years worth of knowledge and skills in mental ability and combat. xvideos anal Do NOT resist it. It will only make it painful for you. It will at first seem overwhelming, but if you accept it, it will be quite pleasant." I said xvideos.com with a xvideos indian grin glancing at Bransen before continuing. "You will be expected to do the same with ten people, and xvideoscom they with another ten until everyone has this knowledge. In two days the entirety of the complex should all share these abilities and xvideo.com knowledge. You will NOT be free xvideos perfect in x video ability and will have to x vedios practice. There are methods of practice you will learn that will help you in your development. In one month, I will test you all. If x video.com you do not meet up to standards... it will not be pleasant. We xvideos porno do not have time." "But I x video thought we had all the time in the world now." protested Twist. For the first time that I could remember since my arrival, Rift spoke, "We may be able to live forever, but as the Thorens xvideos anal draw nearer x videos to their xvido own mom xvideos deaths, they will become more ruthless in their tactics to capture Khore." "Why would they want to take you away?" Bransen asked me with concern that made me xvidos.com fear for our future. "Keelon, as you know, is the leader of the Thoren people. He is a terrible and ruthless creature that has let his obsession with eternal life corrupt his mind. When we discovered we were dying some four thousand years ago, he abandoned the path to advance himself in mind and spirit. He now clutches desperately to his one and only purpose. To live." "After eight hundred years of searching the galaxy, we finally found this planet. After a decade of study I was the one that recommended you as a species that would be our best chance at finding the solution in the time that we had left. Your species was desi xvideos strong. Your genetic code showed enough similarities that there were fantastic possibilities. Your culture though still somewhat violent and destructive to yourself and your world, showed great potential and it appeared could benefit greatly from the exchange xvidios of technology for our admittance to your world. A blending of culture, species and knowledge was our goal." "Keelon used everyone's fear of oblivion to guide us in our search for xvideoscom a solution. Many of us wanted x-videos to find a compatible indian xvideos species that we could mate with or even possibly that might possess in their genetic code, the solution to our xvideos .com problem." I paused. "There had been much debate on the course of action once we found a compatible species. The arts community, as well as the science community, felt we should merge cultures. The military community had a much more abrupt notion. Keelon as leader and having come himself from the military community embraced the idea that we should simply take what we xvideos video needed from an inferior race already bent on self destruction. Being xvideos mom sure that we had swayed the majority with our argument and logic they backed from their position and let us pursue ours." "Another hundred years passed as we collected telugu xvideos ourselves outside this japanese xvideos solar system as xxx videos we called all the remaining of xvideos 2 our race with promises of great advancement in the solution to our problem. With our research we had already been able to extend the life span of those who had been fast approaching their time of passing." "When the last of our kind had finally gathered on the edge of this solar system, we made our way to this planet encircling it completely. Once in place, having caused a great deal of havoc and chaos on a global scale, a transmition was finally sent. Keelon broadcast a message containing four words. "You Will xvideos. com Serve Us" and I and many xx videos others watched in horror as